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06.13.2012 , 01:23 PM | #11
Ok so the server transfers are killing lord adraas which was second to ebon hawk and with it my membership fee. I will not pay money to have my gaming identity taken away because all 8 of my character names already exist on destination server. You should have moved people to lord adraas instead of away but you are killing a server population for the sake of making 6 servers into one generic server. And might I point out that it was bioware that assigned me to lord adraas server and is now penalizing me for keeping a sub active and staying on that server so now I have to lose all my names to continue to play because of where you put me. No Thanks. I created my characters during early access and before that had these names in beta and do not care for the mindless decision to strip me of them or give me nobody to talk to.