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Well as of today I Unsubbed, it actually hurt me to do it as I love this game, the story , the characters but I'm on the "Lord Calypho" RP-PVP server and there are 10 people on fleet at the minute. As far as the guild goes all have unsubbed aswell.

What was the point in BW starting with so many servers only to spread the pop of gamers over them all ? made no sense fill what you have and then open more. I didnt mind having to wait 10-20mins to log in during early release, at least then I knew that the server would be rocking !
The population problem on Lord Calypho has absolutely nothing to do with BW opening too many servers. Its the only english language RP-PvP server in the EU. The problem is that not enough players want to play on an RP-PvP server, if they did they all the english speaking EU players would be there as they don't have another server to choose.