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Lol at a 50 already... Grats to him/her though!

Regarding the OP, you really think the game needs more endgame content already? It does not actually get released for 2 more days you know...
Since we are doing game comparisons though lets look at (that game) WoW:

WoW launched with 2 raids (Operations) (5 if you count Scholomance, UBRS, and Strat which most would not)
SWTOR is launcing with 2 also

WoW had no Battlegrounds (Warzones) at launch
SWTOR is launching with 3

WoW launched with 18 instances (Flashpoints)
SWTOR is launching with 15 but with adjustable difficulty settings.

WoW has not done all that badly now has it? So you really believe that SWTOR needs more LAUNCH content?
I agree with you in theory, but you have to remember that when WoW launched the hardcore MMO player-base wasn't as broad as it is now. The MMO-scene was basically an open canvas (Yes, yes, I know -- EQ. But WoW reached a broader audience), whereas now SWTOR is facing the challenge of keeping WoW veterans entertained (who are as good as professionally trained in consuming content). WoW also had the added bonus of making the top-tier virtually unreachable for the casual player, creating the illusion of endless content -- a design strategy most game companies seem to have moved away from.

This only applies to the WoW players who have picked up SW:ToR, obviously, and as someone stated they probably aren't the core of the target audience.