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Actually I think it would.

I understand the thinking behind what they have done, however Bioware failed to appreciate that while allowing people to migrate to where they wished wasn't ideal for them initially it was absolutely required by their customers.
Why is it required? I don't care what server I go to as long as I can find a group for things, not have 10 people on fleet at peak times. And I hardly think it would sort itself out on its own by players having the choice where to go. Most consumers are reactionary short sighted fools, and would constantly be server hoping looking for the right one. Everyone would end up on Fatman/Jedi Cov and the couple other high pop servers, until they had to start dealing with hour queue times, then theyd all transfer again to whatever the new perceived good server was until the exact same thing happened there, and so on. Giving your customers free reign to choose how they want things sounds good in theory, but in practice it leads to them getting more pissed off in the long run when their stupid decisions lead to more headaches and they complain that the company isnt doing enough to fix it.