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Letting people go where they want would be unlikely to fix the problem of dead servers. The point of targeted transfers is to balance the population. If you want a say as to where you go besides a not dead server, you will most likely have to pay for it a later date. Which is not unreasonable.
Actually I think it would.

I understand the thinking behind what they have done, however Bioware failed to appreciate that while allowing people to migrate to where they wished wasn't ideal for them initially it was absolutely required by their customers.

Overpopulation on some servers initially would have been unavoidable, however with choice people would sort that themselves, the current system completely ignores those that have rerolled several time already on different servers, have no intention or wish to do so again, and wish to combine their characters in a active enviroment and continue to play.

Bioware took away peoples choice and a purveyor of a product that caters for the manufacturer not its clients isn't going to be in business too long.

It's this complete lack of understanding of peoples aspirations and how they interact with a design good and bad, that mark a good engineer and designer, something that has been very lacking in many of the elements of this game.

But as I've said ulitmately transfers are a fudge fix for a fundemtal design flaw regarding the enviroment and the layout of the servers to support it, there's many MMO's that have enviroments with far far more concurrent connections and the tech to support them has been available for many years.

A great deal of effort needs to be put into the nuts and bolts of the underlying framework, that improves the very most basic elements of the game if there's going to be any long term improvement not just throwing out fluff content patches, or fudging new game systems in a attempt to bypass poor elements of the design, where its those elements themselves that require re-engineering and design to move things forward long term, more often than not they appear to require far more work but in the long term far far less.

Otherwise you end up constantly fire stomping.

This game needs to stop being a Single player game with Multiplayer trying to be a MMO, and start being a MMO that's trying to be a MMO, with a Savy Dev team and resources to take it there.