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12.18.2011 , 02:16 PM | #7
If your teammates were trying to CC mobs to keep you from taking too much damage and you broke their CC......then, yeah. You messed up. It doesn't make you bad. It just means that trying to tank without a healer means that everyone has to try a lot harder to get good use out of their abilities, and even then you might still die.

Really, it just sounds like you need a healer. :]

If there's no healer available, you will have to make very good use of any defensive cooldowns you might have.....And you are going to have to rely on your teammates to use their CC abilities and focus fire to burn down enemies quickly. Sometimes you might even have to let one of them keep aggro on something so they can soak up some damage for you. It makes things more complicated, yes? Healers make tanking so much simpler. :]