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I don't know why they are destroying Lord Ieldis. It's one of the higher populated "light" servers, if anything they should be sending smaller servers to this one instead of getting people to leave. I don't understand why they want everyone on very few servers.

The issue with names on these large servers is horrible. Forget getting a decent name or legacy name if you transfer to one of the most populated servers. Good bye identity!
I transferred a 24 Trooper from Lord Ieldis to Begeren Colony tonight. The whole process ended up taking less than 10 minutes. But ya, it wasn't a dead server to begin with, so some back office metrics & analytics had to be the reason. For me personally not keeping a cool name isn't a game breaker. I walked away from 6 raid-hardened toons in WoW that took 7 years to establish, which took me a couple weeks to let go of. But that wasn't too bad. It's all just 1s and 0s to me.
Can we please just have our pre-KotFE SWTOR MMORPG back?