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06.12.2012 , 06:35 PM | #21
When my husband and I originally started the game, he wanted us to be in a guild with his friends, who were all on a PVP European server. (We're American, but his pals are in Norway). I don't like PVP and avoid it generally in favor of doing my own thing, such as questing, and will do pickup groups when needed. I was willing to put up with the guild's server choice to be able to group with my husband. The problem is, after having leveled up some characters significantly, the plan broke up and we were no longer in a guild, but here I was on a PVP server with major time invested already. When attacked while on a quest, I just try to get away if I can. I'm not into it.

I was fully aware that it was a PVP server, but I was hoping that there would be character transfers available should the worst occur and was willing to pay for them if needed. I know it is entirely my fault for going along with it. So my main interest in character server transfers at all was to get off of the PVP server with my mains. I won't throw things and freak out, but that's what I'd like. Since that's not possible with my server not being in the list, I guess what I am planning to do is play the game late at night when not many people are on, or what I've been doing lately, which is ignore those characters on the PVP server entirely and try to focus on chars that are elsewhere.