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I am guessing this is a Jedi Knight doing the final quest on Tython, Weapon Of The Jedi, saving Orgun Din from Bengel Morr.

For a lot of new players, this is a very hard fight (Bengel Morr is an lvl 10 Elite, with two normal level 9 or 10 adds).
The usual approach is to tell T7 to attack Bengel Morr while you concentrate on taking out the two normal adds. You will both die, but after reviving on the spot and retreating slightly to heal up, the fight is you and T7 versus Bengel Morr. You do not have many attacks at this point, so if you want to do this one solo, being level 10 or 11 is a must, and you basically send T7 in to attack, Force Leap, Master Strike, then use Slash when you have enough Focus, or Strike to build more focus.
T7 may die again, and if he does you should immediately use Sabre Ward, but you will usually survive long enough to kill Bengel.

If you are not quite level 10 yet, getting help from a nearby player would definitely be a good idea.
I actually beat Bengal Morr at 8, but it took me many tries. The funny thing is, I had not figured out or bothered to buy my new abilities until level 7, so I had only strike and slash until a little before Morr.
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