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1.) TOO MANY SERVERS: MMO's were created so people could play with other people. common sense. reduce the amount of server doing so will save bio money( you cut down on the amount of space used to maintain everything.
I believe that's what they're doing over the course of the week and month.

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2.) PRICE: people wont join a mmo when there is other mmo that people can play for free. Im not saying completely take subscribtion off im saying lower price. Makes more sense to hace 1m people playing and paying $5= 5m then having not even half that 400k paying $15=6m. Yes you lose 1m but draw potential for another 500k more peopel to join the game.
No, people will buy this IP for $60, and $15 a month is not much money at all for entertainment.

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3.) STOP THINKING PROFIT: this game did not have a good launch cause of the price. It was because of the idea and thoughts put into it. Those ideas are starting to go down the drain.
First, this games launch was fantastic. It was the end game bugs that irked people. If you want to know what some bad game launches for an MMO were look over to WoW or AoC.

Second, Bioware is a company. At the end of the day, they need to make money to keep making software.

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4.) MARKETING: If Bio fails to make this game successful people will be skeptical about the next mmo Stars wars game released later. You will lose profit now and lose profit in the future.
SWG was a minimal hit, with lots of bugs, but 2.3 million people still bought this Star Wars MMO. I don't see your point.

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6.) LISTEN TO THE PLAYERS. They pay the money and a lot have played mmo's for a while and know what they are talking about. Ex why Steve jobs was successful with apple he listened to his buyers. obviously you want the buyer to keep buying(self explainatory)
They are listening to the players. It's just taking them a very long time to react since this is Bioware's first (most likely last) MMO.

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5.) This is by far the biggest human flaw. STOP BEING STUBBORN AND ADMIT YOU DID WRONG. only admitting and moving forward will only help to make this game successful.

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I recommend merging the servers with not much people(though Im not one of them) fill up the other servers then come back later if needed to to open up additional servers at least try to keep the people playing for now and not lose more peopel

Wether Bio decides to act, now would be the time before its to late, but this server merge is a start as long as its done correctly.

Patches and updates with new contents I have to say has been a very good step though (excuse any typos)
Most of your points are just useless and silly.