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06.12.2012 , 01:40 PM | #509
I haven't read the 13 pages and I doubt anyone working for Bioware is doing any replying but I would really like to know why Fa'athra is on the list. The server is healthy. It cannot claim many of the things that The Harbinger and others can, but it's just fine. PvP queues don't stop until after 10PM PST on any day and my girlfriend and other guildmates were able to go almost to server shut down last night. And that's just for PvP queues. There are at least two guilds (and about to be a third this week) running around in Campaign gear, and that's after Diablo.

What the server being on the list will do is create a dropping queue. Even if, initially, everyone in the guild sticks around (and it seems like that's the case), eventually, with the fact that the transfers are not going to end for a long time, the PvP queues will start to dwindle. The people who liked doing it more than anything else on their 50s and the others who would use it to fill their time between operations will start to get bored and start talking, and eventually a problem that wasn't there is now there because a healthy server was put on the transfer list.

Add to that all the people complaining (which is not a bad word, by the way) about their VERY low population servers being left off, and I can't see choosing Fa'athra as anything other than yet another bad decision.