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Hey look! It's an entire thread full of people who don't understand how this works, haven't read any of the dev material over the past couple of weeks, and don't mind making themselves look like idiots in front of the entire community of less ignorant (or at least more literate) players! These get more frequent every day!

If any of you had payed any attention to anything that any of the devs had said up to this point, you'd recognize that these transfers are all multiple origin servers to a single destination server. They are going slowly and one-to-one at first so that they can gauge each individual server population as they go and not over/under balance server population from one to the next. In some cases, it will only take one or two origin servers to bring a single destination server up to the desired population level (Fatman for example). In other cases, it could take six or seven origin servers to reach the same population level on a different destination server. By going slowly and working one server at a time, they get an accurate look at how many players are taking advantage of the transfer option so that they avoid an imbalance.

After this process is complete, and each server has reached its appropriate population, and the development team is satisfied with the consistency of healthy populations, as has already been stated the option for on-demand transfers to any destination server will likely become available.

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