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If we had an option, we could say. The transfer is a bad idea as the way they are handling their mistakes. They should have merged servers and implemented transfers at the same time. With the mergers they could have combined 4-6 servers to one. Now you have people waiting or not( I am not) to move to another server. If Bioware wants me to wait they will give me the time free until they get to my dead server. As of now, many in my guild are all doing beta for other games, many just quit. Friday I will give all my mats to the guild master. I don't see how moving one server to one server helps. Bioware knows how many people actually log on daily per server and could have made their choice of merging servers to a decent population.
This makes sense to me. Why won't they just combine THEN allow transfers. I don't necessarily want or need to go to a specific server, I don't have a lot of friends/acquaintances that play, I just want to be able to get social points and do flashpionts and heroics. I went through completion of the IA storyline without being able to participate in a single flashpoint or heroic simply because all the planet populations were so low. More than once I was the only player on an entire planet. I still enjoyed the storyline, but it would have been nice to be able to team up with people
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