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06.12.2012 , 11:23 AM | #1
Keller's Void to Jedi Covenant
Pre-select Servers
Lord Ieldis to Begeren Colony
Soresu to The Harbinger
Shaltin Tunnels to The Progenitor
Mecrosa Order to Darth Nihilus
Phateem Halls of Knowledge to Mantle of the Force
The Restoration Zone to Jar'Kai Sword
Stereb Cities to The Jedi Tower
Rakata Mind Prison to The Bastion
Ven Zallow to Jung Ma
Kath Hound to The Ebon Hawk
Fa'athra to Drooga's Pleasure Barge
Hedarr Soongh to The Fatman
Zayne Carrick to Vanjervalis Chain
Eye of Ashlanae to The Red Eclipse
Kessel Run to Battle Meditation
The Shadow Runner to Tomb of Freedon Nadd
The Courageous to Canderous Or

19 servers listed as eligible to transfer, and more to be added as the process progresses. I do find it hopeful that the two most populated servers (Fatman and Jedi Covenant) are destination servers, if all the servers end up with those kinds of populations, the game should be very playable at all hours of the day.