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06.12.2012 , 11:02 AM | #181
After finally getting my lvl50 to PTS i've tested the Group Finder. Iam sure the following observations are known, but i want to share them along with my experiences and suggestions about improving it.
- First of all symbols of the character roles after entering an LFG instance are wrong on the player portraits. Tank symbol is the healer, Dps symbol is the tank and the Healer symbol is the dps. In the LFG window it shows fine.
- When someone leaves a group and we try to look for a replacement it just keep saying our group is Invalid. Additionally i find it confusing when we try to update roles, it shows multiple symbols of other for me in the LFG window. The symbols are usually in eachother or out of that little field.
- After you finish an LFG instance you can only exit to the fleet entrance of it. If you queued from somewhere else you should be able to return there.
- Adding some money reward to the daily rewards of the LFG could be nice.
- The LFG could be minimalized with a button when the group is matched, because sometimes theres a little wait time until all of the players press ready.

These are what ive experienced so far, and i hope i've helped with some of my suggestions.