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IS this game that dead that we are going to become like WAR?

Are we really going down to one or two of each type of server in NA?

Is this game THAT dead? EA the MMO killer.
it's hard to say YES, it really is, simply because of the sheer volume of servers.
The sheer volume of servers they have out there now could support 400k concurrent connections.
That would imply there was about 4 mil people subbed.

Bioware expanded servers way, way too fast. The problem's always the release, the one month where everyone wants to play at once. This issue happens with EVERY MMO that ever releases. IN one sense, Bioware should have predicted this ahead of time - they failed on this.

This game, if it has 100k concurrent logging in during primetime, honestly needed 40 servers total. Not 200.

Even if we assume this game had more then 2 million active subs early on, that still amounts to about 80 servers worldwide.
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