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How are you guys interpreting this as a let down? I was surprised not to hear more from BW about the xfers earlier this week, and yes the lack of knowledge was annoying. But these guys are doing exactly what they said. transfers START today. All you nerd rage-aholics were complaining 45 minutes after they rolled this out.

Need I remind you that this is a MASSIVE multi-player online game? despite popular belief there are more than 45 people playing this game. BW has to move hundreds of thousands of accounts and if they did it all at once you would still be waiting forever, it would just be a bigger shiz show than it already is. so cool your jets and give it a day or two.

I am so tired of the forum people not having a mode between satisfied and on the brink of murder/suicide. Can't you be mildly annoyed, or somewhat dissapointed without declaring the end of the goddam world?
If you play on Naddist Rebels. I played a few days during peek at 50. The que's for wz's where absurd. So it feels like there are 16-20 players on that server. Cause its the same 50's. Everyday. holding out. Waiting. So I am pushing on their behalf to get a good home, because they are all pretty cool. Good PvPers who deserve a server that literally in 3 days of queueing at peak with them had 1 imperial match.
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