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06.12.2012 , 08:32 AM | #104
I'm still giving BW the benefit of the doubt that they are doing this correctly and will offer more servers sooner rather than later (ie hours and days, not weeks) as I am on a server (Kinrath Spider) that typically has single digit populations on the fleet (rep and imp).

Where they have let us down is in the expectations set. They should have given us a better idea on how they would implement this so thousands of people didn't log on this morning FULLY expecting to be able to xfer. I know I would have been fine today if last week they had said "We will initially open up a very few select servers to xfer to specific servers (could be as few as 4 NA / 6 Europe). Over the following days we will continue to add servers to this list...." ect...

I'm not giving up on this game as it truly is extremely fun, but I am disappointed in BW's expectation management and sincerely hope they'll learn from this as so many subscriptions were hanging by a thread prior to this latest 'slip'.
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