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06.12.2012 , 07:20 AM | #173
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If this goes to live, I will use to no-port-back-to-origin-point as a free fleet pass, just to prove that people can and will.
There is a Back-To-Fleet Shuttle on every planet, you just need to QT close to it and use it.

However, BW should mark those shuttles on the maps including the QT map.

(Also I think that these shuttles could be used to initiate the port-to-group, instead of being just teleported from wherever you are...just for the ingame immersion. And after the FP is done a window pops up asking you if u want to go back to Fleet/Ilum or back to the shuttle you came from)
Funny how PVP folks strive to become the best PK, while PVE folks know that PKs are just really really bad players.