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Really? A service premiers that people have been requesting for months...that's needed in direct response to BioWare's own reaction to how busy their servers were at launch...and they premier it on only TEN out of 120 servers? And even then, it's only PvE and PvP servers?

I am seriously pissed off that BioWare has made such a mockery of it's customer's requests. This is ridiculous. And I won't even get into the fact that none of the RP servers, which are just as desolate as most of the rest, didn't even get any attention from BioWare. This is absolutely, beyond a doubt, the stupidest thing I have seen BioWare do to date.

I sincerely hope there's at least one or two people as pissed off as I am about this. After throwing out Character Transfers and making such a huge deal out of it...what it has actually turned into is yet another joke about how little BioWare understands or knows about the MMO game.

And BioWare...just in case you didn't get the're losing it. Quickly.
I would imagine that there IS logic to this implementation process.