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06.12.2012 , 06:38 AM | #11
I am quite happy that BW took just a couple of servers to begin with. Had they thrown everyone into the mix all at once (or even just a larger group of servers on day one) ...... and things started to "bug out"..... all these whiners would then REALLY have a case for whining. As it is, all of you should be thankful that you are not the guinea pigs - JUST IN CASE something goes wrong. We are ALL in a hurry to get to a more populated server, to include myself. But NOT at the cost of something going terribly wrong with my character transfer! So be patient, all of our times will come and before you know it groups and pvp q's will be popping.
I do have one question though if someone out there has an answer. The majority of servers listed on TOR server status are listed as .98 population. Thinking surely there is a "more" broken down stat showing some difference in those servers. Is there a link to see a bigger swing in pops than .98?
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