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Shuttling to Starting Location:
One of the issues most commonly noted is that you are not returned to your original location when you end/exit a Flashpoint or Operation.

This is not a bug; let me explain that a little bit better!

In the game today, without the Group Finder, when you exit a Flashpoint or Operation you are NOT shuttled back to your original location - you're taken to the entrance.

Although this is currently how the Flashpoint and Operation exit technology functions, we understand the importance of modifying this functionality, especially for the Group Finder. We already have a plan to provide this as soon as possible. The moment we know what update this can be included with, we will let you know!
This should have been in the first draft of your design documents.

Got that you're going to fix it but it was a big mistake not to have it.

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Gear Score:
While we may never implement a “Gear Score” system, we understand the need to correctly match players with appropriate content. We also understand the need to match groups with a high chance for success. We are currently evaluating several ideas to improve this.
You can have a server side gear score without ever handling it to the players.

Unless you wanted to avoid having tier 2 and over in group finder. This should have been included in the important points of group finding as it will annoy players either to feel useless or being grouped with players that for example can't hold the aggro as thank when you out dps them.

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Advanced Classes and Roles:
The roles that you are allowed to queue for in Group Finder are based on your Advanced Class and not your skill point allocation. For example, if you are a Jedi Sage you can queue for both Damage and Healing. We know that this option launches in advance of multi-speccing. However, once you launch Group Finder you can limit yourself to a specific role if you so choose.
As long as we don't have dual specs (and even) the matching choice should have been made on talent trees allocation because class allocation means nothing. BTW Trion uses a very well polished system with a tank/healer/dps and support queuing.

I can already see players complaining against another because he queued as healer/tank for shorter queues ending not being able to do the job.

It should also have been in the first iterations of the design drafts.
Quote: Originally Posted by AntoniaPhillips View Post

Queuing Order:
Group Finder attempts to place you into a group by evaluating potential group matches in a specific order. This order is matched to the in-game order displayed in the Group Finder window. For example, at level 50, Group Finder will first check if you can form a valid Operation, and if not, it will then check Hard Mode Flashpoints, and so on. The specifics:
  • At level 50 this will be in the following order: Story Mode Operations, Hard Mode Flashpoints Tier 1, Hard Mode Flashpoints Tier 2, Flashpoints, Planetary Destinations
  • Under level 50 this will be in the following order: Flashpoints, Planetary Destinations

Not bad but maybe players like a different order.

An improvement in the long term would be to let player choose the priority order client side.
Quote: Originally Posted by AntoniaPhillips View Post
Planetary Destinations:
You want more content controls for Planetary Destinations and so do we! We know that planetary destinations are an area of improvement for Group Finder in future releases, and we're looking at more options, like adding directly selectable Heroic Missions and world bosses.
Hopefully with porting option.

Still good to know.
Quote: Originally Posted by AntoniaPhillips View Post

As we form our plan for future improvements, one of the pieces we need the most is your feedback. We are in the process of evaluating potential designs for player-set group size and specific mission queuing, among many others.

What do you want to see?
  • First step: check WoW and Rift and do the same thing
  • Second step: check DDO group finder and make it happen
  • Third round: improve what you have and add companions in the loop.

And before all that improve the UI and certainly add queuing time estimation and player notes.
Also it would be much welcome to be able to browse a list of queued players

Finally, in the future, let players queue with an alt.
It would change the game drastically.

P.S.: thx for the feedback.
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