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12.18.2011 , 01:26 PM | #18
I don't have time to respond to everyone, and even if I did, SithlordXanatos has pretty much covered the bases (thanks dude, couldn't have said it better myself), but let me say this as there seems to be some confusion over my OP, which is definitely my fault for bad wording. First of all, I never said that server announcements are the best way to go. I prefer achievements personally. I was merely using it as an example, because to me, having a server announcement is better than not knowing. That being said, I prefer solely achievements.

Secondly, I grant you that many people killed these bosses early on, and that doing so is not really much of an achievement as they weren't very tough, however, my worry lies in the possibility that operations won't tell you if you got server first. And that, to me, is going to diminish the excitement of doing these things.

Also, let me add that the only reason we thought we might have been server first is because we're on one of the smaller servers. Not many guild are even big enough to do a sixteen man operation, and those that are are very few. Again, I recognize that downing these bosses is not so impressive, so let's get off that and discuss the points that matter.