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The excitement of the outbreak settles, eventually, and life goes on...

21. Mini-snippet, In which Quinn customizes 2V-R8

The shorter an article reads
The less introduction it needs.

(Yes, I was too lazy to finish even a bad limerick.)

Nalenne found Quinn on the bridge as per usual, leaning over a Holonet console while 2V-R8 handled the controls. "I haven't heard 2V talk much lately," said Nalenne. "How did you manage that?"

Quinn turned to face her, the corners of his mouth lifting ever so slightly. "I've constructed a restraining program that filters and silences all tactically irrelevant speech."

2V waved a hand and Nalenne found herself straining to listen. "help me"

"What was that?" said Nalenne.

"It isn't perfect yet," said Quinn. "He has proved remarkably resistant to silencing measures."

"master, please save me" creaked 2V.

"I like it," said Nalenne. "But why didn't you do this, oh, two years ago when you came on board?"

"My lord, I didn't have time for such an involved project. I had work to do."

"I gave you plenty of free time."

"You know I had other work of critical importance." A long, awkward pause. "Even apart from spying for Baras."

"Like finding excuses to hunt down and assassinate everyone who ever shook you down for your lunch money in middle school?"

"I told you, Agent Voloren was high school," grumbled Quinn.

"Yeah, but the other could've spent that time shutting 2V up?"

"2V, you may fabricate a pretext to interrupt with something, even something irrelevant, when the Wrath is badgering me like this."

"Ignore that, 2V."

"nothing makes sense"

"Wow. If you really have some kind of karmic debt to work off, Quinn, Iím willing to go on record saying this contributes. A lot."
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