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Hello community!
I am Oakley, Co-founder of the guild The First Order (Republic), and I want to let everyone know about a week long event that we, The First Order, are hosting to invite current and future players on The Jekk'Jekk Tarr to experience our wonderful communty at TFO. With server transfers happening this week, we wanted to open our guild up to potential players moving to The Jekk'Jekk Tarr. We will be having events every day from Tuesday to Sunday that our guild puts together on a regular basis. We will also be opening up our Ventrilo channel so you can hop in and hang out with the TFO community.

Ventrilo info:
Port: 23119
There will be no password from 6/12 - 6/17

Here is the schedule of events:

[5-8pm PST] Role Play (PM Tor'Azul for invite)
[7pm PST] Datacron Run - +10 Datacron (PM MasterCrumb for invite)
[8pm PST] Esseless Social Point Runs (PM Memnoich for invite)

[6:30pm PST] Datacron Run - Tython, Ord Mantel and Coruscant (PM Raevyn for invite)
[8pm PST] Flashpoints/HM Flashpoints (PM Raevyn for invite)

[8pm PST] Datacron Run - Illum and Corellia (PM Kamerzin for invite)
[7pm PST] KP or EV Story Mode Operation (PM Jonnymuck for invite)

[8pm PST] Datacron Run - Belsavis and Voss (PM Kamerzin for invite)
[8pm PST] World Bosses (PM Oakley for invite)

[8pm PST] Speeder Races (PM Lennall for invite)
[8pm PST] Datacron Run - Nar Shadaa, Tatooine, and Alderaan (PM Oakley for invite)
[All-Day] Mentor Day - We will be helping players in low level areas (Look for announcements in General Chat)

[8pm PST] Datacron Run - Quesh, Balmorra, and Hoth (PM Kamerzin for invite)
[All-Day] PvP Warzones (Look for announcements in General Chat)

About The First Order:
TFO is a well rounded guild focused on providing a community experience for all aspects of MMO gaming. We run events for PvE, PvP, Role Playing, and Raiding (Opertaions). We also support multiple MMO's including Lord of the Rings Online and Guild Wars 2. We are the perfect guild for the brand new, casual player all the way up to the "harcore", seasoned MMO players. Our website is and if you want to join our community, just fill out an application in the "Join The First Order" tab at the top of the site. Thank you
Captain Oakley
Co-Founder/Officer of The First Order

Community Manager of Old Republic Radio