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Elliah made her way to Master Shan’s chambers. The two younglings had been found, in the gnarls of all places, this was the third time they had run off. They were running out of ideas. She walked into the spacious room, caught eyes with the orders grand master, gave her a respectful bow, then her eyes landed on the two troublesome younglings. They were both skinny little things, both girls, and both could be uncommonly mean to anyone else who attempted friendship with them. The older of the two was not a common sight on Tython, a Rattataki, already fully tattooed when she had arrived to the Order, large white grey eyes, that loved to roll whenever she was chastised, Rateah. The second, younger, was a Miraluka, had been with the order since birth. Avacynne had a shock of honey blonde hair, pretty heart shaped lips, and loved trying to adorn her simple eye veil with beads and ribbons, she was quite vain. Elliah had often wondered if this was her child, and that it was her test to quiet the anger and vanity in her daughter. Regardless they were her responsibility, and for the third time she had been worried sick over them.

“Girls, to my meditation room, now” Elliah ordered the girls in a stern voice, Rateah rolled her eyes, and Avacynne curled those pretty heart shaped lips. When they arrived she sat each girl on opposite sides of the room.

“Five hours” was all Elliah said.

“FIVE HOURS...” cried Rateah

“But Master Elliah that’s not f…” Avacynne started

Elliah held up her hand and and turned to Avacynne, “Fair? Avacynne, this is the third time the two of you have run away, there are still flesh raiders in the gnarls, was it fair to the knight who now has a blaster wound looking for you? Five hours of meditation, think on what you have done, meditate on the force, quiet you heart, young one, life isn’t fair, as a jedi you will face uneven odd, and injustice, the galaxy does not understand the word fair.” Elliah lectured quietly, hoping her words would reach her this time.

“I hate the force!” Avacynne pronounced grumpily, pouting as she crossed her legs under her getting into position for meditation.

“You don’t’ understand anyways Master Elliah, you can do whatever you want.” Chimed Rateah

Elliah turned to her with a sad smile.

“No child, I can’t”

Elliah stood up and left the girls alone with their thoughts, she waved a young knight over to her and assigned him to the door, lest the girls attempt to run a fourth time.

The two girls managed their silence for ten minutes before Rateah got up and went to sit beside her friend.

“We need to get off this planet” Teah announced again. “they can’t keep us forever, if we don’t want to be jedi, they can’t make us”

“You heard what master Satele said, we have to wait until we’re at least 17 before they can let us go” Avacynne replied, crestfallen.

“Piss on Master Satele, and piss on Master Elliah, and piss on the jedi, you wait sister, when the next resupply shuttle gets here, we’ll be on it when it leaves. We’ll escape and they won’t be able to stop us!” Rateah hugged her friend, she was her sister, they were different species, but she had never loved someone so fiercely.

“Together forever remember!”

“Together forever!” Avacynne hugged her back. She hated it here. The moment she found out her parents had been jedi and had chosen to give her up she wanted to leave. She hated them, all of them, so she clung to her adopted sister, her best friend. She had a family despite her parents not wanting her, her eye veil got wet as she started to cry. “I love you Teah!”

“I love you too Ava!”