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12.18.2011 , 01:21 PM | #3
probably had a full inventory and didn't realize it. I did that a few times before the SQA attack squad perma locked my account.

Guess I'll be going back to Rift or wow.. as much as I despise both, at least if my account breaks they'll fix it without me having to wait 2 weeks into launch paying for a game I can't play....

What a waste of a perfect game that could have killed wow. A shame it's going to flop due to Biowares inept handling and it wont surprise me if Bioware goes under due to the amount of Class action lawsuits pending release of the game on the 20th due to their inept customer service and account issues and lockouts.

I mean you would think that Bioware would at least make an official statement on it reassuring customers... but nope. Seems like they are ignoring everything and taking this time to transfer all their funds into a Caiman isles account.

Watch, 20 bucks says they claim bankruptcy 2 weeks after launch.