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Quite a few different and good ideas thus far. I am going to re-iterate one of my previous posts in another thread somewhere and try to highlight the most needed things for the GF here.

1. Lack of information once in queue - it would be nice to be able to see how many are queued for each particular bit of content available on the GF. It could very well be that some of these extended wait times are a cause of many people queued but only a few for a particular FP or Op. It would also be good to see the roles each has queued for. I know I was trying to get into ES last night for about 30 minutes - as were a bunch of us, and the queue never popped before I had to log off.

2. Level and Gear restrictions - Like many stated here, the level restrictions for some of the content seems far to limiting. I for one do not mind having a level 50 queue up for BT or ES if it means I can finally get that FP done (or I can finally do that FP with a character who was not able to get a group previously). In fact, on the live servers, I was finally able to get a char through ES because a 50 was kind enough to help me through it. Anyone should be able to queue for content that they at least meet the minimum level for and let the other players in the group decide if they want to accept a higher level player or not. Adding a "similar level" or "all levels" option to the GF could help in this respect.

Lack of Gear restrictions is a problem. I think the minimum level restriction should be kept for content, and for the harder content that requires a certain level of gear, also restrict that according to the minimum suggested gear. Therefore, when attempting to queue for EV or something similar, if I am not level appropriate, I am locked out. If I am level appropriate, then a warning pops up that my gear does not satisfy the min reqs, and tells me what gear I need to satisfy that req for that content.

3. Long pop times due to lack of specific roles - Players should have the opportunity to be able to pop a group with less than the recommended number of players and/or roles. IN BT and ES for instance, two players with companions and no healer can generally complete these FPs if they are in the upper end of the level range. I am not sure of the other FPs, but anything that isn't high-end content that would not allow the use of companions to effectively complete should allow players the option to fill out the remainder of the group with companions, or other roles (such as taking four DPS in an FP) in order to pop the group faster.

4. More options for queueing for Planetary Content - 'nuff said on that - we need to be able to drill down for specific content for planets:
Class Quests (Top Level only - does not need each quest listed)
World Quests (ditto)
World Bosses
Heroic Missions (Each should be listed separately)
General adventuring

4a. As part of the Planetary Content, the Level 10 min req for being able to use the GF should either be removed or lowered at least to Level 4 or 5 (about the time you run into the Heroic mission NPCs). Sometimes players just want to group to explore or share quests with, regardless of the level of their character.

5. Location drops - to prevent the "free fleet pass" (although everyone gets a free Em Fleet Pass), groups should be dropped directly in the instance and automatically be given the appropriate mission in their log without having to interact with the NPC quest giver. Leaving the group prematurely drops you back at your original location. Upon completion of the mission/content, players should be given the choice of where they want to be dropped once the group is dissolved - either the mission end location, or their original location.

More to be added as I think of it, or other people suggest.

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