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Satele Shan is a descendant of Bastila Shan.

There is reason to believe that a purple Twi'lek NPC on Black Talon, Yadira Ban, is a direct descendant

Taris is chock full, and it heavily indicates the canon outcomes of KOTOR:

A Smuggler runs across what is labeled Canderous Ordo's skull; the Ulgos on Alderaan are very proud of the role that their ancestor Trask played in evacuating you-know-who from the Spire (Trask was the guy who did the game tutorial); I believe some player class needs to sell or steal the preserved head of Darth Bandon.

A set of eight monuments on Corellia are dedicated to the non-droid members of the KOTOR party: Bastila, Carth, Canderous, Juhani, Zaalbar, Mission, Jolee, and you-know-who. The Republic gets a quest to fix these monuments after the Empire defaces them.
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