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If you queue up for a warzone and group finder at the same time, once one of them prompts you to queue up and you accept it it should remove you from the opposing queue to avoid receiving another queue pop-up once inside of an instance, and coaxing you to remove yourself from said instance and leaving your allies behind a man short.

When I selected travel now to Planetary Quests through the Group Finder from inside of a warzone (not sure if the warzone played any part in this) it took me to Coruscant by the crafting trainers where I already was before I accepted the initial warzone queue. It did not group me with any other players, didn't take me into any instanced areas, and the Ground Finder queue button showed a green dot on it, but would only display the 'Travel Now or Travel Later' dialog box when I clicked on it, thus not allowing me to leave the queue. I had to log out to get around this issue.

Also when I clicked the Group Finder multiple times, I would receive the Travel dialog box multiple times stacked on top of itself, thus forcing me to have to close each dialog box individually.
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