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Lol, actually the direct inspiration was two of my sisters fighting with a jar and my brother walking in, except neither of them were as reasonable as my trooper. At that point IT WAS WAR!!! And as much as my brother bugged them, they insisted on opening the jar themselves. I think it ended up taking hot water, a bottle opener, and about half an hour, but they got it. Probably a good thing too, they were discussing hacksaws but couldn't figure out how to keep the glass shards from getting into the food.
Fantastic! I'm still giggling just imagining the look on Aric's face when he first reaches the kitchen...

For my second submission, I don't usually make Ruth out to be silly, but a certain link in the alliance-seeking Sith Warrior Corellian chain had "ME DUMB LIKE BRICK" written all over it. So have 700 words about that:
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