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06.10.2012 , 09:13 AM | #121
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1) One person didn't show right away (bio break) and another group member started the vote to kick. I did not vote (was trying to ask group member why he started this when it had only been a few minutes) but member was kicked anyway. A non-vote shouldn't be counted as a yes! I would assume a group vote should be unanimous in order to kick.
It's here to let you out of situation where you have 2 afk players.

Only feature I think it desperately needs, is CD or anything to discourage people from fishing for easy 'random' flashpoints. 2 or 5 min sitout if you decline group or not accept it in time. Wouldn't hurt anyone that really can't get into instnce right now, but it would preven getting pop with same people over and over until thwy get 'random' flashpoint they like.

Some feature to transform your group into normal one after finishing content would also be nice, would alow to requeue quickly as group.