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i know they like the competition, and its up to them if they do.

but keep it internal. the NFL doesnt require every human to play or watch the game. everybody in a country isnt required to be part of the olympics.

i have no problem if people want to compete, if they want to feel special cause they can move a mouse and tap keys faster then somebody else so be it.

i got a problem when people's start gloating over soembody else, which is the sole reason for a server broadcast of Server/World/Class firsts.
Your argument/stance does not warrant any logic. You would post stuff that you cared about. People post their art creation, their stories, their fan fiction, their guild advertisements, their guild videos, their guides, etc! All of this is in the same category as posting that you as a guild were the first to defeat a boss. Gloating is not stating factual information. Let me give you an example since some of you guys can't decipher such an easy concept.

First let me crush some of your illogical statements. You say to keep it internal, yet you use the NFL as an example!!!! You literally lost me here in laughter. The NFL is displayed on television. It has crowds of people. What you are telling this OP to do is not even post and keep in inside his guild. No, IT IS YOUR CHOICE TO COME ONTO HIS THREAD. There is no message popping up saying "To continue, you must read this thread". You are choosing to come into this. He is not forcing it upon you.

Now for some definition lessons:

Definition: Contemplate or dwell on one's own success or another's misfortune with malignant pleasure: "his enemies gloated over his death".
Example: "We were the first to kill SD-0!!!!! We are the best. We beat the rest of all of you. You must not be that good.

KEY PART: In the defintion it says "dwell". In order for it to be gloating, they would continually need to rub this in.

Definition: A thing done successfully, typically by effort, courage, or skill.
Example: Our guild defeated at SD-0 around 12:20 EST on the first day of early access. It was a fun achievement, and we are proud of it, and we have a right to state that on the forums, which has people posting what they are proud of (their art, stories, roleplaying) on it as well.

Now, never do I say gloating is always a bad thing, you could often say that anyone who knows they are better at someone at anything and talking about it could be gloating. However, you are just biased in this matter and are in fact trolling/flaming other people's threads.


You are 100 percent wrong if you say otherwise, because the OP himself obviously cares, so that alone ruins your statement. I will say this, with all of the hype and high-end guilds, there are MANY that care about such things. There is absolutely nothing wrong with stating it.

I will tell you what you can do. Not waste your time flaming others about stuff they care about. You may do this for numerous reasons, but the fact of the matter is, you are in the wrong.

As for does this count? Of course it does! There are 3 hour queues on servers already and you act like they had an unfair start? I'm sorry, but the official game was available as of 12/13/11.

Everything isn't being removed. This the real deal. I don't see how you can argue against this, unless you are of the belief that everything should be wiped on the 20th. If that is the case, argue that!


The way you talk is a form of gloating in itself. You are saying that your way is better than his. How about we all respect each other and HONOR their achievement.

Perhaps, in return, you might deserve honoring of what you are proud to accomplish.

So to end this, congratulations on defeating these bosses (it may not have been the first as guilds did a lot on the first day of EA, but good job) and continue to be proud (not cocky) of things that you wish to accomplish.

TLDR version: Do not flame or troll someone else, when it was your choice to come onto "his" thread, and congratulations on your boss kills.
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