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I'm terribly do you even play this game??? I mean, the amount of non-classic Star Wars species, planets, etc etc etc in it is very high. If it bothers you that much...well I just have images of massive amounts of twitching going on while playing.

Crap, I promised myself I wasn't going to feed trolls....they just look so hungry!
Well, you just about summed up everything I had to say to that poster - however yours came out much nicer. Mine would have possibly been removed by the mods.

But seriously - if people don't like Cathar - DON'T ROLL ONE.

I am not a Togruta fan - so sue me, doesn't mean I will complain when and if they are in game - because I know a lot of people would love to play one. How about letting other people exist and enjoy what they like without stomping all over it.

Well dang, now I have gone and fed the troll too.