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12.18.2011 , 12:48 PM | #22
To all the people who whine about queues but have bad internetconnections and disconnect:

Plz stop with the damn whining, if you stand in line at the store and you leave to get more groceries and it takes time for you to come back, the people behind you wont stand there and wait.. the show must go on and so must the Queue.. so QQ and get back in line..

Have a good queuetime.. ive been waiting since 14:30 and seriously.. i have gotten so many things done IRL while waiting, i visited my brother, i did the dishes, i cooked dinner for me and my GF, and right now im about nr 235 in Queue.. so now im going to sit in the couch with my GF and watch a movie untill i get in

Merry Christmas to all!