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Allies - When something huge is going down, or just when you need a hand, who can you call that you know is going to have your back? Whether it's someone completely unlikely or exactly what you'd expect, who can you ultimately always rely on?
Title: The Dark Path, Forever
Character: Varrel Umrahiel, Sith Marauder, with a cameo by my friend’s Sith Sorcerer, Xathras.

Small background note, since it’s different from the way the class story is written: Varrel Umrahiel is 63-64 years old here, recruited late in life from a conquered world. On his homeworld, he’d been a fencing/kendo instructor.

Spoilers for Imperial Balmorra general missions, minor mention of Dromund Kaas and Korriban general missions. No class spoilers.

Vette is the voice of my character’s conscience, one he increasingly ignores. Yet he can’t bring himself to get rid of her, and against all reason, she stays with him.