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Overall, I'm not crazy about the character specific legacy perks as is on PTS.

Legacy of Altruism - is a complete waste of time as it is. For 250k I can increase my affection gain through gifts on one character by 15%. I don't think this one is even close to worth it. For 250k I'd personally be looking at a legacy wide buff for this kind of benefit.

Legacy of Persuasion - Again, not even close. It's just not worth it.

Legacy of Craftng - This one is much more in line with what I'd expect from character specific perks. There's not many places you can gain crafting crit, putting the stat at a premium. It's not something that can be overcome with time like the companion perks, adding to its value. I'll be picking this one up on most of my characters when it goes live.

Legacy of Leadership - This one's kind of crap. That said, it's also pretty cheap so I don't have a problem with it. I'll probably grab it just to light the boxes up on my legacy window, but I can't remember the last time I sent my companion to sell.

Field Repair Droid - These are good, I'll be picking these up on my main. Not much to say about them really, probably won't see a tonne of use but when you wish you had one, well, you wish you had one.

Field Mail Droid - Pretty useless, mailboxes are everywhere, but thankfully it's nice and cheap so I'll buy this.

Field Respec - Just plain handy. Will get this, no complaints about this one, other than it not being accompanied by dual/multi spec

Priority Travel - The prices on these are fine except for Black Hole which I feel is a little excessive. I also don't think that any of these priority travels should share a cooldown (care to share your design philosophy on that, by the way? Seems an unnecessary annoyance) and that the cooldown should be much, much lower. We're not talking gamebreaking stuff here - these abilities remove the need to go through load screen after load screen to get to where you want to be, that's quality of life and something everybody should have access to. These artificial restraints aren't making the legacy system or the game any more fun.

XP Boosters - These are kind of all over the place. I can't see myself blowing 275k on any of these perks as they are right now (though I would if they were actually legacy wide). 30% extra XP isn't the same in all cases. For example, the gain from 30% extra exploration XP is miniscule, yet it costs the same as 30% FP XP which is potentially excellent.

One of the things I personally wanted from the legacy system was the ability to see the other class stories without having to repeat content - something that the class quest XP boost perk could have provided, were the buff 500% (or whatever percentage brought it in line with doing all the world arcs that accompany the class quests). I'm not an alt guy - SWTOR is the first game I've rolled an alt in and while I really do want to see all the class stories, I don't find the leveling itself much fun past the first character. But "play how you want" is kind of misleading how the perks are set up right now, because I won't be able to play how I want.

Overall, however, I think the biggest thing that's stopped me getting excited about the character perks system so far is that the costs are so high when you're talking about just one character. I've never had a problem with the high cost of the legacy perks (and I have them all) because I knew that once I bought them, I'd see the benefits for the rest of my time playing the game. With this, and given the fact that I only really want to play alts for the story alone at this point (and don't really want to spend potentially millions of credits on them), it's just a total "meh".
This. Almost exactly for me.