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"This thread was started ON A WEEKEND. Anyone that knows corporate structure KNOWS you're not going to see anything done on a weekend. They'll fix it when they can, but they're NOT going to break out and fix it over the weekend. No way, no how."

Actually it was started Wednesday. It has been split twice now do to growing to large and once to turn it into a sticky.
I'd also just like to point out that he is wrong about the team working over the weekend. They will, and are, working over the weekend and they will fix the issue (or at least have Hickman wonder around with a blindfold and a screwdrive for half an hour, until he finally graces us with his presence to tell us that the server queues are in place to remind us how utterly amazing kumquats are... and then he'll make a quip about how he's not Mark Jacobs, and then he'll have a nervous breakdown) over the weekend.
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