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Cat people are NOT part of classic Star Wars (classic Star Wars being the core element designs that have continuity through the universe not the OT)... they do NOT belong. People who are demanding these Thundercats are Bio fans first and Star Wars fans second.
They use EU to suit their needs and demands and use EU to slam anything else they don't agree with when it suits.

Rubbish species that don't belong. A few misguided stories early 90's when everyone was depressed from an overdose of Nirvana and Pearl Jam... Just a pity BW have drove most of the real fans off due to the mediocre average sc-fi pulp rubbish BW have spewed out on this title. The Old Derivative
Ok, bro. Your ignorance of Star Wars is showing. The Cathar have been established in Star Wars Lore and Canon since The Holiday Special. They were one of the elements kept for use in the rest of the Star Wars universe. Even though the Holiday Special is classified as S-Canon, that just means the story itself is N-Canon. The S-Canon elements are used in C-Canon all the time.

Their first major role was in Tales of the Jedi comics, most notably the characters of Crado and Sylvar. That was LONG before BioWare put Juhani into KotOR. So before you spout hate on the Cathar and BioWare, do our research.
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