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Cat people are NOT part of classic Star Wars (classic Star Wars being the core element designs that have continuity through the universe not the OT)... they do NOT belong. People who are demanding these Thundercats are Bio fans first and Star Wars fans second.
They use EU to suit their needs and demands and use EU to slam anything else they don't agree with when it suits.

Rubbish species that don't belong. A few misguided stories early 90's when everyone was depressed from an overdose of Nirvana and Pearl Jam... Just a pity BW have drove most of the real fans off due to the mediocre average sc-fi pulp rubbish BW have spewed out on this title. The Old Derivative
I'm terribly do you even play this game??? I mean, the amount of non-classic Star Wars species, planets, etc etc etc in it is very high. If it bothers you that much...well I just have images of massive amounts of twitching going on while playing.

I guess the other thing that I don't get about "how dare BW make Cathar a playable species!" rants is this...Cathar are already IN THE GAME. They have been since it started. So if the argument is somehow that the player characters are an affront to your eyes while the npcs are perfectly fine...say what? If you were being FORCED to play a Cathar, I could see the argument, but that's absolutely not the case. If the existence of Cathar were going to legitimately throw someone into a frothing rage then they really should have done so months and months ago.

Crap, I promised myself I wasn't going to feed trolls....they just look so hungry!
aren't you a little short for a stormtrooper?
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