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THIS. And an example of why: I want a gear drop from Colicoid. It's incredibly hard to find a group for Colicoid on my server.
And you think a group of people who are at-level for Colicoid Games would welcome you ruining their experience by pulling them through?

Level restrictions are IMHO fine as they are.

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Also thinks my 33/8/0 jugg in tank gear can fill a DPS role. I have no comment on this.
I have to agree with this one.
A rule of rhumb solution would be to e.g. allow one to only queue a role if he has at least half his skill points-7 in his role tree(s) (so e.g. overall 41 points, at least (41-7)/2=17 in healing).
Still allows for a wide variety of hybrid skilling (and does not restrict queuing for hammer station at all, where a DPS skilled healer IMHO can still work) but does prevent people to completely misqueue.