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Hello all,

I reached level 10 on my Sage last night and I read the Jedi Sage's Handbook but the latter pages say that the information is very out-dated so I just wanted some clarification on some things.

I was thinking of taking the Standard Levelling healing route recommended by Astral but he states
I know: you're a healer. That doesn't matter. Your first five points should be in the Telekinetics tree. Everything else can be taken as you please, but those first five points are the most important five points to any Sage
I was wondering whether this is still the case to invest the first 5 points into Telekinetics and if it is worth losing the AOE heal at 20 and only being able to obtain it at level 25 if I go this route?

Also, if this is not the case could people please clarify how to move up the skill tree.