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While I was slightly disappointed, I realized that this was fair and more feasible for everyone. Legacy perks should NOT grant an insta-50. It is designed to make leveling an alt faster, which it clearly does (maybe not as fast as someone would like but it does). The prices ARE reasonable. Buying them all at once is a little 'ouch', but with the consolidation of the GTNs and higher populations across servers, I believe with confidence that players will see more credits in their inventories.
Honestly, what is wrong with someone wanting to reach level 50 by doing nothing but just class quests. It was Bioware's selling point after all, their amazing stories told in cinematic perfection making SWTOR like playing KOTOR 3-9.

After doing the side quests from starter planets to Ilum multiple times on both factions I can honestly say that I am sick and tired of doing them. If I do choose to purchase all the quest xp boost perks through my rich and impressive Legacy, I would hope it would give me the needed boost to skip the weakest glaring part of this game, the repetition.

I like the class stories, it is these type of stories that attracted me to Kotor1 and 2 and is what also made me so blindly hopeful for SWTOR. I played Kotor 1 and 2 repeatedly with many many alts and completed the story in every possible way. I would like to do the same in SWTOR but the mindless grind that is the side quests makes me want to puke.

Level 50 means nothing to some people in this game, to those of use who play for the story, the game ends at 50 not starts.
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