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For whatever this is worth or if it helps...

I have no FPS issues at all, Average 40-60 FPS , High Spikes to 100FPS and Low Spikes as low as 29FPS.

All settings are on max.


Cpu: Intel 2600k @ 4ghz
Ram: 4 GB Corsair Dominator low lat mem 1600mhz , 6-6-6-19 timings
Hdd: 2 80gb Intel SSD in raid 0
Video: AMD 6850 Overclocked about 15%
Os: Win 7 64bit
Antivirus (May actually matter) Norton Av 2012

Worlds I've been to and watched FPS
Dromund Kaas

PVP ive done;

That's all the input I can give, hope it helps
I wish I had so good fps rates. Well I hope BioWare does something soon enough...