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Hi everyone!

I'd like to have us post our favourite SWTOR outfits with us or a companion wearing them.
You can post as many as you like as long as they are of you or your companions, not some random player.

[Me wearing Sorcerer's Vestments and Imperial Containment Officer Legs]
I like to this outfit as a Sith hoody with black jeans. Somewhat casual, but still able to pass for formal in a pinch. My Sith wears it because he's not a fan of big flowing robes - they just get in your way in a fight - and likes the colour black.

[Me wearing [Prototype] Primeval Seeker Robe and Lower Robes of Dark Delirium with Imperial Containment Officer Helmet.]
I really like how the Robe when unified with the Lower Robes of Dark Delirium turns their red to a pink colour. I find that this outfit goes VERY well with a purple lightsaber, I tried a Magenta one but it actually clashed with the pink on my lower robes. The Helmet is one of the few non-Medium sunglasses I could find and will always remind me of those 9 days on Tatooine.

Post your favourite outfits!
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