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06.08.2012 , 07:17 PM | #98
Legacy level 29 and I haven't bought any perks. Was considering buying some of the new ones for 1.3 but if they remain character specific that's out.

Part of the problem with character specific is that if you're leveling a class you've never played before. You have to make a big investment for those perks, which is a gamble. You may get to level 25 and realize you don't like that class at all and don't want to finish leveling it. And now all of those perks credits are wasted. I'd rather just level without them and spend the credits on things when I get that character to 50, if they make it to 50.

If they did away with the legacy system (and my 29 levels of it) tomorrow, the only thing I'd miss would be the multi-class buffs, which wouldn't be a terrible loss. I just don't have enough credits to even touch the legacy system.