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RCcarroll: I play characters of a multitude of levels regularly and haven't gotten one Legacy Item drop. Would you mind saying how often these are supposed to drop and on what kind of enemies?

David Hunt: Legacy items do not have a specific drop location. Inheritance can drop from any random loot of level 34 or higher. That usually means killing NPCs at level 34 or above, but itís possible for an NPC to drop loot slightly above its level. Birthright items drop from level 46+ (Inheritance can still drop from 46-50). It is difficult to state their precise drop rates because most random drop rates vary significantly depending on what youíre killing. Normal bosses throughout the world have a substantially higher chance of dropping these than regular NPCs.

These drops are included in the Artifact quality loot table. As with everything on that table, the best way to find it is through Artifact quality lockboxes anywhere in the level range. Tough bosses that drop random loot are another option. However, I would not recommend purchasing these boxes with the expectation of finding lots of Legacy gear Ė there are tons of competing items in those loot tables.

Whenever dealing with any drop rate thatís low and random from a large selection, the individual experience ends up varying wildly. The overall drop chance for these is increasing in an upcoming update, and weíre looking at other ways to normalize the acquisition rate of these items.
Its not just drops from mobs that give legacy items. I have had legacy items from the 340 crew skill missions, I recall treasure hunting and slicing which fits with these giving Artifact quality lockboxes but I think I may have also received them from the diplomacy missions which doesn't give lockboxes.