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I completely agree. I used the real life money to illustrate that we wouldn't be getting something for free. I'm tired of hearing that QQ on the forums, "OMG you just want everything for free!!! UR so layzee!!!!!"

My continued subscription and game play should be enough to unlock these perks. It takes a WHILE to get to legacy level 10 or 20...
I agree. All legacy perk should be free as a reward and incentive to keep playing once lvl 50 is achieved.

As it is Bioware are just trying to control every facet of the game and in doing have forgotten that most their Ops are cleared in within a few months.

Making certain perks charcater specific is just an abvious attept to bleed credits from people who level alts. I mean who doesn't most of the content on alts in an effort to skip parts the planets ? It's really quite pointless and they should be legacy wide.