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I think there should definitely be more perks earned by legacy levels, but how much you've paid is irrelevant. These are perks specifically for time spent playing the game. These aren't veteran perks for having a sub or anything like that.....that's something more like the tauntaun pet they gave out, not a huge list of perks like this. But definitely agree that legacy levels should lead to more automatic locks and/or reduce the price of the unlock based upon how high the legacy level is.
I completely agree. I used the real life money to illustrate that we wouldn't be getting something for free. I'm tired of hearing that QQ on the forums, "OMG you just want everything for free!!! UR so layzee!!!!!"

My continued subscription and game play should be enough to unlock these perks. It takes a WHILE to get to legacy level 10 or 20...
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