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06.08.2012 , 01:22 PM | #92
Well a couple more observations regarding cost:

All really do seem reasonable *if* you do not necessarily pick the final perk in each category.
They are not for for new players as you need a legacy to obtain them and are not really expensive. They are meant for new toons on exp accts in many cases imo, although not necessarily.

One example also really comes to mind, that's t he companion affection one based on conversations. I also took this one to max at lvl 1.This one alone will save me a ton of money in the long term. On the live servers I've used gifts to take multiple 50's companions to max because it's not possible imo to even come close to doing it w/o them. Even with the costs associated with the perk, it will save me *millions* of credits in the long term. I've not purchased the one based on giving gifts as I've not given any to the toon I'm taking up to chapter 2, as its not really needed.

Edit: for the record, 18 hrs /played and almost lvl 20 with all advancement perks at max. that included 6 fp's done today LOL